the world goes by

and I go by with it

melting away

like the last of the winters snow

more snow are coming 

keeping me here


the power of truth

waiting for summer once again

warm and surrounding me like a blanket of love

finding my true identity inside and out

white wonder

A snow-covered Denmark! I can’t belive how much snow there is everywhere. My drive home for christmas last week took almost 10 hours where the same trip normally takes about 3 hours.. I’m back in Copenhagen now after my christmas holiday at my parents’ house. Hope you all had a good one with lots of love, joy and happiness in the cold weather, here it’s minus 15 right now… brrrr!!

I heart midsummer

It has finally become summertime in Denmark.. I love the long light scandinavian summernights, the bonfires at midsummers night, sunflowers, swimming in the ocean.. and everything in between