the world goes by

and I go by with it

melting away

like the last of the winters snow

more snow are coming 

keeping me here


the power of truth

waiting for summer once again

warm and surrounding me like a blanket of love

finding my true identity inside and out


uhm summer.. what’s not to like.. I’m spending all day these days at the nearest park or in the courtyard to my house in the sun and i’m loving it. D-vitamin straight into the body and happy memories for when it’s cold and dark again..

Bye Bye Stine Goya

Friday was my last day working at the Stine Goya Studio.. I’m off to do other exiting stuff. I has been fun and I have learned so much! So thanks to the entire team..!

Pretty things…! see more here about the company and buying this cool collection.. I have been working on the ss11 collection, and I can say for sure it is amazing too! Stine will be showing during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and I think the show will be as cool as ever!

Bye Bye Ladies!

xoxo P.