winter cyclists :: Copenhagen

Nitecitysnow #6

Nitecitysnow #3

Snowstorm Style


winter morning mood #1

Snowstorm Evening

Red Snow Ride

winter morning mood #2

 I just found these pictures of bikers in the snow here in Copenhagen. Nice ones right..?!

The pics originally comes from Cycle Chic but I found them here at A cup of Jo

During the winter, there are fewer cyclists. But the fall is not that drastic. 80% of Copenhagen’s cyclists continue to ride through the Copenhagen winter. Most of them continuing to be frightfully stylish. We’ll leave the whining about the weather up to others.

white wonder

A snow-covered Denmark! I can’t belive how much snow there is everywhere. My drive home for christmas last week took almost 10 hours where the same trip normally takes about 3 hours.. I’m back in Copenhagen now after my christmas holiday at my parents’ house. Hope you all had a good one with lots of love, joy and happiness in the cold weather, here it’s minus 15 right now… brrrr!!