Denmark’s next Top Model :: Caroline Fleming dress

I had the pleasure of working twice for the show Denmark’s next Top Model this spring. First I did a series of dresses for a photo shoot with the then 11 remaining models. Last night the final episode aired and 15-year-old Caroline Bader (to the left) won. I think she is amazing, but both girls in the finale deserved so much to win. I have designed the hostess Caroline Fleming’s dress and the gloves she is wearing. She is so sweet and was so nice to work with, always with a fun and loving attitude.

A pic from my very messy apartment of the dress while sewing on hundreds of beads in all sizes. It took one long night and most of the next day too… I coated the fabric before sewing together the dress. The aim was a more rough-looking surface than just the plain cotton. I had a couple of fittings with Caroline in the process and her being a model herself made the fittings easy.  

During the filming. The jacket she is wearing is Chanel.

The day before filming the last episode of Top Model, Caroline went to a wedding with her boyfriend Nicklas Bendtner where she is also wearing the dress..

The judges. Uffe Buchard, Caroline Fleming and Jacqueline Friis-Mikkelsen.