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Bye Bye Stine Goya

Friday was my last day working at the Stine Goya Studio.. I’m off to do other exiting stuff. I has been fun and I have learned so much! So thanks to the entire team..!

Pretty things…! see more here about the company and buying this cool collection.. I have been working on the ss11 collection, and I can say for sure it is amazing too! Stine will be showing during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and I think the show will be as cool as ever!

Bye Bye Ladies!

xoxo P.

3 responses to “Bye Bye Stine Goya

  1. Sikke dog et spændende job du har!! Hvad er det helt præcist du laver? :)

  2. Jeg arbejder som designer :) og ja det er sjovt og spændende!

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